The Ultimate UI Elements Guide

The Ultimate UI Elements Guide condenses the essence of the 40+ most important elements into one comprehensive source.

Say goodbye to endless searches and embrace a structured guide that unveils the intricacies of each element, all in one place.

Get equipped with a holistic understanding of UI elements to enhance your design prowess and simplify your creative journey. Confidently navigate the intricate landscape of UI elements, harnessing their potential to craft interfaces that seamlessly resonate with users’ needs and expectations.

UI elements demystified

Get a strategic edge by mastering
the details of 40+ UI elements

Get a strategic edge by mastering the details of
40+ UI elements

Get a strategic edge by mastering the details of 40+ UI elements

Figure out what each UI element is all about

Definition: Gain a clear understanding of each UI element's purpose and function, laying the foundation for impactful design decisions

Use-cases: Explore real-world scenarios and get empowered to make informed design choices tailored to user needs

Get a grip on detailed element structure and anatomical diversity

Detailed anatomy: Deep dive into the intricate details of each UI element, enabling you to customize and craft optimal and engaging designs

States, Styles, Variations: Leverage design flexibility and maintain consistency across different UI components, elevating the user experience

Finetune the details of every UI element, up to a pixel

Size recommendations: Ensure that every detail of your UI element is appropriately scaled across all devices and screen sizes

Size examples for mobile and Size examples for desktop: Gain insights into real-world sizing examples, refining your design skills even further

Examples of use: Explore a variety of use cases, enriching your design toolkit with practical applications

Learn insider tips and best practices

Tips and tricks and Best practices: Equip yourself with expert knowledge to create polished, user-friendly interfaces, perfectly adapted to diverse contexts

Responsive tips: Get insight into common pitfalls with responsive design, ensuring your designs remain seamless across devices

Common mistakes: Identify and overcome common design pitfalls, enabling you to refine your approach for excellence

Get empowered to explore and expand your horizons

Naming alternatives: Expand your design vocabulary and communication skills, fostering better collaboration and understanding among cross-functional teams

Additional resources: Access hand-picked learning materials, fueling your creative journey and expanding your design horizons

Figma UI Components Kit

Streamline your design process and save time

Revolutionize your design process with the Figma UI Components Kit, saving time and effort while ensuring design consistency and quality.

Deep dive and inspect components in detail to master advanced Figma features, like auto layout and variables, to learn how to seamlessly implement them into real-world cases.

available as

available as

  • Accordion

  • Alert Toast

  • Avatar

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Button

  • Button Group

  • Card

  • Carousel

  • checkbox

  • chips

  • date & time picker

  • divider

  • Drawer

  • File upload

  • Floating action button

  • footer

  • List item

  • modal

  • navigation

  • pagination

  • progress bar

  • segmented control

  • table

  • toggle

  • tooltip

Master UI elements

Build better interfaces through UI element expertise

The Ultimate UI Elements Guide

The Ultimate UI Elements Guide








40+ most important UI elements

300 value-packed pages

Definition, use-cases, anatomy

Best practices, tips and tricks

States, styles, variations

Size recommendations and examples

Real-product examples of use

Inclusive of VAT, if applicable

E-book + add-on

Figma UI Components Kit

Figma UI Components Kit




Join and get access to

The Ultimate UI Elements Guide with 300 pages

90 pre-made components

Inclusive of VAT, if applicable

Inclusive of VAT, if applicable

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Frequently asked questions

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You asked, we answered!

You asked, we answered!

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